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Steering and Suspension Work in Queens NY

Steering and Suspension work Queens NY

Steering and Suspension Work in Queens NY

Steering and suspension work are the backbone of keeping a steady ride. Suspension components consists of various parts including shocks, ball joints, tie rod, springs and linkages, all these components help in keeping the car well balanced and smooth. In the case that one of these components fail, all the rest of the components are forced to take on additional responsibility beyond their original load capacity. 

Merrick Tire Center specializes in Steering and Suspension work and recommends regular suspension and front-end check to avoid costly issues down the future. Thus, replacing or taking care of any faults will help prevent catastrophic failures down the road. 

Advantages of regular steering and suspension check – 

  • STOCKS in good condition ensure a smooth and comfortable ride. Not to mention improved handling and performance. 
  • STRUTS maintain vehicle composure by stabilizing the car in bumps and bottoms. Especially in the streets of Queens, NY, where potholes are everywhere, having good condition struts is absolutely necessary. 
  • STEERING AND SUSPENSION help keep a vehicle straight in straightaways and have proper handling.
  • BALL JOINTS ensure smooth feedback from the wheels to the car’s suspension. Faulty ball joints results in noise from the front end and can cause unwanted accidents if not taken care of. 
  • TIE RODS ensure proper feedback from the steering wheels to the wheels. Faulty tie rods can result in shaky steering and inconsistent behavior from the car.
  • CV JOINTS AND CV AXLES helps maintain the mechanical aspect of the axles and transmission of the vehicle. Faulty CV joints or axles can cause catastrophic damage to the mechanics of the vehicle. 

Conveniently located at Queens, NY we are here to provide excellent service to hard working people of New York. Driving these streets, it is very easy to hit potholes and encounter steering and suspension issues, to combat that our expert technicians are here to provide steering and suspension work with the proper tools & equipment.  

While you’re there, let us perform a Courtesy Check, which includes a visual check of the following items:

  • Tire Life Check
  • Brake Life Check
  • Control Arms Check
  • Engine Fluid Check
  • Battery Check
  • Suspension Check

Steering and suspension work near me?

The next time you ask this question, just look for Merrick Tire Center located at 118-02 Merrick Blvd, Queens NY 11434.

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